2011 Ride Food


Thank you to all our Food Contributors for the 2011 Edible Pedal 100 Ride!

How is Edible Pedal 100™ different from other centuries on the circuit? The food!

We know most cyclists are “live to eat” sorts of personalities. They love good, healthy food. So in addition to the requisite cyclist snacks and sports drinks, we are sourcing food from local farmers, chefs, and culinary students.

You’ll enjoy a hearty bounty of fall produce and other products from Nevada farmers and food artisans. You’ll want to linger at the rest stops where we’ll offer extraordinary, energy-producing snacks. And you’ll delight in the tasty, homemade, satisfying lunch at the post-ride party at Bowers Mansion Regional Park.

We will source as much freshly picked, local food for the ride as possible. And the high quality, natural selections at Edible Pedal 100™ will satisfy even the heartiest appetites.

You can feel good about the fact that you will be enjoying seasonal food that’s good for you while supporting local farmers and food producers.

What’s even better? All the food and drink is included in the price of your ride registration.

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