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2011 Ride Route

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  1. Nico

    Any chance of you putting this on a Google Maps or MapMyRide.com interactive format?

  2. Leo Horishny

    On the route map, I don’t see a road connecting Murphy Road with Longview Road, coming off Ash Canyon, at the north end of the route.

  3. James Sadilek

    Responding to Leo’s question, the connection between Comb’s Canyon Road and Longview Dr. is a wide paved bicycle/pedestrian path running behind the Western Nevada College campus.

    The proposed southbound route through Carson City appears to go out onto U.S. 395/S. Carson Street shortly before the U.S. 395/Westbound U.S. 50 intersection, this is a very dangerous area. There is virtually no shoulder in combination with a high speed right hand lane from southbound 395 to westbound 50. I would avoid this like the plague.

    A better route would be from Curry, turn left on Clearview, cross over 395 and continue on to the intersection with Silver Sage. Turn right on Silver Sage, south to Appion. Right on Appion to a slight right on Snyder. From Snyder, left onto Lupin, which serves as the east side frontage road for 395. Continue on Lupin to the intersection with 395 and Old Clear Creek Road. This intersection has a traffic signal, which provides a safe left turn onto 395, and there is a wide shoulder at this point up to the Jacks Valley right turn.

    At least parts of this route are NDOT’s 395 bicycle route. The downside is that there are three high-speed right turn intersections into the various commercial properties on the west side of 395–WalMart, Borders, Best Buy, etc. When riding alone, I turn into the first right at WalMart, ride through the roads connecting the parking areas and back out at Best Buy. Not sure if that is practical for a large group.

    On a slightly different subject, given a choice I’d prefer to ride up Spooner (except for the lack of shoulder on the approach) and down Kingsbury. The reason is that the uphill side of Spooner has a nice wide shoulder, and except for a few ugly drains, it is a nice ride. The downhill side of Spooner has a narrower shoulder with drains that require one to turn out into the travel lane in order to avoid. Riding down Kingsbury is much more bike friendly. Not sure how to accomplish this reversal. This is just my personal assessment from experience.

    Use the terrain version of Google maps, greatly enlarged, to actually see the suggested routes and to view the shoulder widths in various areas.

  4. Nico

    I took the liberty of doing the mapmyride course. Here it is: http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/45330968/

  5. Paul

    I will be doing the 100 but want to skip the part into Minden and jump right into the grade. Knowing it wont be a full century, but still a brute of a ride for a 55 yr old who has to work for a living

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